Other Achievements



A. Policy initiatives:

Citizen Charter

The rights and duties of consumers to know about all public related functions of Development Authorities/Housing Board and responsibilities of Officials along with the system for redressal of public complaints and its regular monitoring with punitive measures have been devised by Awas Bandhu.

U.P. Development Authorities Finance and Accounts Manual

The declining performance of Development Authorities in Uttar Pradesh was attributed primarily due to lack of financial and manpower management system. The deteriorating financial health of these Authorities was of great concern to the State Government, which was making concerted efforts to improve the overall financial health of these Authorities. The “Uttar Pradesh Development Authorities Finance & Accounts Manual, 2002” conceived, designed and developed by Awas Bandhu is a stepping stone in the annals of financial management, Subsequently, due to amendments in the Tax Laws promulgated by the Parliament and field suggestions received from Finance Controllers/Managers, the revised “Uttar Pradesh Development Authorities Finance and Accounts Manual, 2004” has also been prepared by Awas Bandhu.

Management Auditors

The Auditing of development authorities are being carried out by central audit department, which highlights the financial irregularities of the authorities but it does not suggest the remedies and often these irregularities are come to light at a time when rectification becomes difficult. A system of Management Auditors is introduced by Awas Bandhu to cater the remedial need of the authorities and to inform about overall health of the authority to responsible officer to take timely decisions. These auditors are appointed by Awas Bandhu from the panel of Charted Accountants, who reports the decision making officers of the authority and also to Awas Bandhu at every quarter so as to issue necessary guidelines based on their periodic findings.

Self Compounding

To regularise the unauthorised construction, of the portion of a building being constructed without obtaining formal approval is regularised by “Compounding” system, which is a very complex and time consuming procedure, therefore normally avoided by the people. to encourage masses to get such construction regularised, Awas Bandhu has devised a simplified policy with attractive provisions for “Self Compounding”.

Regularisation of Unauthoirised Colonies:

The wide gap between the housing demand and the supply has resulted into many Unauthorised Colonies in the state. A policy has been concerived and developed by Awas Bandhu to regularize these colonies in a democratic manner by providing inhabitants the power to draft the plan and develop the infrastructure by themeselves.

Policy for Multiplexes

Commercial activities and Cinema halls (theaters) are provided in one single complex in Multiplex, a policy is framed by Awas Bandhu, which allows minimum of three cinema halls and commercial activities permissible in commercial, residential and industrial land uses. The cinema halls are permitted on 70% of floor area whereas commercial and other recreational activities are permitted in balance 30% floor area.

Purchasable Development Rights

Awas Bandhu has framed a policy to increase Floor Area Ratio in the growing urban areas so as to reduce the increasing pressure of urbanisation of agricultural land. Since higher FAR would lead to higher densities with consequential presssure on existing infrastructure, it is obligatory for the Development Authorities to strengthen/augment the infrastructure commensurate with demand.Therefore, to raise financial resources for strenthening/ augmenting infrastructure, the FAR in excess of the basic FAR provided in the Master Plan/Zonal Development Plan/Building Bye-laws, has been made purchasable. The underlying objective of Purchasable Development Rights is that every urban location has an optimum FAR and it is the market forces that bring the true FAR potential of a given site. Such a policy would lead to the most beneficial (economically) density policy for a city as a whole. Thus, a flexible and fire safety has been permitted by the Government on advance payment of proportionate land premium.

Policy for Convenience Stores

A policy has been framed to ensure the availability of daily need goods within a convenient distance for the inhabitants of residential colonies of the State as a chain of neighborhood convenient shops.

Private Participation

A Policy has been framed and issued by Awas Bandhu to motivate private sector participation in construction and development activities of the authorities in cities, as joint venture. This new policy is being implemented in many towns of the State.

Performance Rating of Development Authorities

Awas Bandhu has evolved a ranking system to evaluate monthly physical and financial performance of development authorities and the Housing and development Board. This exercise is not only leading to improved financial performance but also creating competitiveness among various authorities to improve their overall performance.

Right to Information

Awas Bandhu through the state Government has recently issued directions to ensure transparency in the functioning of the development authorities. As per the directions, if any applicant/allottee makes a request to see a record on file or obtain a copy thereof in connection with his case, the authority shall make appropriate arrangement/set up a special counter where the applicant/allottee may see such record or obtain a copy of the same after paying the requisite fee. The Vice Chairman, however, may refuse to show such record of make available a copy of the same by informing the applicant in writing and giving reasons thereof.

Systems of Trenchless Technology

The projects providing new of extending networks of pipelines, increasing existing network capacity; replacing defective pipelines, rehabilitating existing pipelines, etc requiring surface access adversely effects the environment. The system of Trenchless Technologies and methods, properly applied, provide and effective, environmentally sound alternative for the installation, maintenance and repair of underground utility services. Guidelines on the System of Trenchless Technologies have been developed by Awas Bandhu to understand and use this new technology.

B- Guidelines:

Awas Bandhu has derived many guidelines for Development Authorities, to make their routine works simple, unified and transparent. These are:

  • Costing of Properties developed by Development Authorities for sale.
  • Action of Properties,
  • Transfer of Property to local bodies for maintenance,
  • Board Meetings,

C. Programmes/Schemes:

Majority of ongoing programmes and schemes of Housing and Urban Planning Department are conceived, designed and monitored byu Awas Bandhu, which are listed below:

  • Blue Print for Urban Infrastructure Facilities,
  • Saral Shaman Yojna (Self Compounding Scheme),
  • Regularisation of Unauthorised Colonies,
  • One-Time Settlement Scheme(OTS),
  • Registration of Properties,
  • Handing over of Colonies to Local Bodies, and
  • Operation Green Campaign.

D- WEB SITE of Housing and Urban Planning Dept. http://awas.up.nic.in:

To bring in TOTAL transparency, the official web-site of Housing and Urban Planning Dept. is indigenously designed and developed by Awas Bandhu which contains every type of information related to Housing sector and is being regularly upgraded. This web-site may be browsed for following information:

  • Acts, Rules, Regulations & Government Orders,
  • Important programmes of the Government in Housing and relevant sector,
  • Important Functionaries and their contact details,
  • Earthquake resistant safety measures:
  • in construction of house/multistorey buildings,
  • precautionary measures for public while purchasing a flat in multistorey building,
  • personal disaster preparedness guidelines
  • Ongoing Infrastructure projects of all Development Authority towns,
  • Master Plans,
  • Standard House Designs,
  • Tender Notices,
  • Current Events,
  • Workshops and Seminars (with recommendations),
  • Links to other relevant topics and sites,
  • Communications with Government and Awas Bandhu,
  • Census Data,
  • Details of all publications, manuals, etc., and
  • Citizen Charter.


Individual/ Groups/ Bauilders/ Colonisers can seek technical advise and approach for redressal of their Grievances to Awas Bandhu by paying prescribed processing fee.

Processing Fee:

A. Non-Commercial

  • For Individual Rs. 250.00
  • Group/Organisation Rs. 500.00

B. Commercial

  • For Individual Rs. 2500.00
  • Group/Organisation Rs. 5000.00


Annual Publications

  • Compendium of Govt. orders
  • Awas Bandhu Digdarshika (Diary)
  • Annual Report of Housing and Urban Planning Dept.
  • Blue print for Urban Infrastructure Facilities


  • All central advertisements of Govt. Policies and Major Programmes
  • Publication and Brochures of all Govt. Policies
  • Central advertisements of Hon. Minister’s inspection and reviews


Regular training programmes for Engineers, Architects, Planners, Property Officers, etc. to keep upgrading them for Latest technologies, Important Govt. Policies, Programmes and Awareness to current National scenario/trends are being organised by Awas Bandhu as per State Govt. Training Policy for Employees.


  • ” Integrated Application Software Package” (IASP) for Development Authorities & Housing Board
  • Web enabled software for Central Government sponsored scheme-IDSMT.
  • Building Plan sanctioning on internet.
  • Booking & allotment of Plots on internet.
  • Total computerisation of all sections of Housing and Urban Planning Department.
  • Training programmes for G.I.S. related technologies and related applocations.
  • Library for Technical Government officers.
  • “U.P. Development Authorities Development and Construction Manual” for healthy work environment.
  • Revisions of all Acts related to urban planning based on current needs.
  • Compilation of Subject wise Government Orders.
  • Awas Bandhu Manual.
  • Revision of Building Bye-laws 2000 by incorporating all amendments till date.
  • Compendium of Planning Norms, Bye-laws, Govt. Orders and relevant provisions and Standard House Building Plans along with tips regarding earthquake resistant construction.
  • Revision of Compounding Bye-laws.

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