About Awas Bandhu


The multiplicity of urban laws has always been a nightmare for the urban populace. Lack of information and transparency in official transactions were some of the factors responsible for this state of affairs. The very huge amount of data for monitoring and evaluation purposes, wide coverage of area and population, inter-departmental relationship, inaccessibility between Government and public, etc. were some o the factors which developed the need of creating an organisation to act as bridge between Government, various departments and public. An organisation was required to cater the need of technical experts to upgrade their knowledge, to provide new thoughts in Governments-Public relationship.


“Awas Bandhu” was created in 1997 as an apex institution under the Housing and Urban Planning Dept. to oversee the performance of housing sector and coordinate the activities of subordinate department/agencies viz. Town & Country Planning Deptt U.P., Development Authorities and U.P. Housing & Development Board. Awas Bandhu is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 in order to perform as:

  • An Organization, to Strengthen Private Sector Participation in Housing and Urban Planning Deptt. and Initiate Reforms in this sector.
  • An Organisation, as a THINK TANK of Housing and Urban Planning Department,
  • An Organisation, to Strengthen Development Authorities and Housing Board to perform their functions as Facilitators, Instead of developer,
  • Government
  • Development Authorities
  • U.P. Housing & Development Board
  • Town & Country Planning Deptt. U.P.
  • Awas Sangh
  • Builders/Colonisers
  • Housing Societies


The Prime Objectives are:

  • to provide timely solutions for the problems pertaining to planned development and housing,
  • to encourage private investment in housing and development,to strengthen the role of the Development
  • Authorities and the Housing and Development Board as a facilitator, and to obviate difficulties in the execution and implementation of schemes.

The incidental or ancillary objectives are:

  • to sort out the problems related to execution of Housing Schemes in conformity with the State Housing Policy,
  • to hold consultations with eminent experts and authorities on housing, and the manner of execution of housing projects,
  • to conduct constant research for effecting economy in expenditure on housing project,
  • to find out ways and means for infrastructure and solution for bottlenecks in external developments,
  • to promote and encourage the private builders for undertaking housing projects for various income groups, and to build houses to suit the requirements of the masses, and
  • to monitor the utilization of funds for the Development Authorities and the U.P. Housing and Development Board.


The functions performed by Awas Bandhu are:-

  • Providing innovative solutions to the problems and challenges of housing sector.
  • Assistance to government in all technical matters.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of physical and financial performance of Development Authorities and Housing Board.
  • Monitoring of all major programmes launched by the Government.
  • Simplification of procedures.
  • System improvement and Management Information System.
  • Redressal of public grievances.
  • Organising workshops and training programmes for New policies/programmes of Government and current events.
  • Housing Policy research, collection, analysis, publication and dissemination of information of housing sector reforms.